X-Sequentials Trading and Daytrading: DAX Index, SP500 Index, Nasdaq 100 Index, EUR/USD, Gold and Brent Oil !

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SP500 Index X-Sequentials Daytrading Plan 25.1.2021-29.1.2021

Dear readers,

The SP500 Index is within an upward trend with a price target of 4000 points.
A buy-signal is given when the 3853.75 point mark is exceeded and the 3783.60 point mark is not undercut.
A sell-signal is given when the level of 3819.75 points is undercut and the level of 3859.75 points is not exceeded. Support is in the price ranges from 3853.75 points to 3783.60 points, 3703.91 points to 3670.94 points, and 3642.31 points to 3594.52 points.

With best regards,
Devin Sage, TXA Trading


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