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SP500 Index X-Sequentials Daytrading for February 19, 2021

Dear readers,

SP500 Index:
After the low at 3778.05 points, the SP500 index traded above 3814.98 points and resumed the upward trend. The price target of 3923 points to 3950 points was reached with a high of 3950.43 points. As long as the SP500 index is quoted above the uptrend mark at 3874.93 points, the uptrend is intact and the upward movement can be expected to continue up to 4000 points. The SP500 index closed on February 18, 2021, at 3913.97 points.
It is ensured that the SP500 index is quoted above 3874.93 points and reaches its upward target. A correction up to 3862.79 points to 3839.06 points is to be expected if the 3896.36 point mark is undercut and the 3917.02 point mark is not subsequently exceeded.
SP500 Index 4h X-Sequentials Chart:

With best regards,
Devin Sage, TXA Trading


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